Get to know us better

Get to know us better

We're software development experts that support your ambitious business goals with knowledge and proactivity. Meet the Sparkbit team.

Our founders

The idea of Sparkbit came from our founders - alumni of top technical universities in Poland and software engineers with two decades of professional experience. Complementing each other in areas of interest - organizing processes, scientific research, and delivery - they allowed Sparkbit to become a friendly workplace for exceptional developers.

Through the last eight years, they have run numerous challenging projects for various clients, from ML scaleups to one of the Big Four companies, telematics enterprises, blockchain startups, and governmental military organizations.


Our Team

We're very careful when choosing our teammates to keep the highest quality of technical skills and match our organizational culture. We hire only the top 1% of candidates with Computer Science or Mathematics degrees. We're a team of geeks, but professional excellence is only the first threshold. We want our people to be honest, take responsibility for their work, and try to go the extra mile to deliver the best solution.

Sparkbit Fellowship

We're very serious about professional development and investing in the team. We believe that working in a knowledgeable and cordial environment is the best way to earn competence. That's why we have a defined and structured 10-month training plan to help our talented but less experienced colleagues achieve self-sufficiency.

Through raising technical skills in chosen areas, pairing with senior mentors, and being exposed to actual clients' projects, our novices quickly gather skillsets up to our high standard.

We do serious engineering work but always try to keep a cozy, informal atmosphere with room for focus on the creative side and sharing knowledge with our teammates.