Let’s talk about AI

Let’s talk about AI
Let’s talk about AI

You’re a bright manager who wants to discuss whether AI will help you solve your problem and how to turn this bold idea into a production-ready solution.

Within the consultation call we will talk through:

  • Your business case
  • Your data
  • Your AI implementation roadmap and discover your biggest pain point.

The only cost is 15 minutes of your time.

If you’ve already decided that AI is your way to go, but don’t know the starting point, we’re here to help.

AI consulting workshops (2 weeks)

A single two-week sprint on internal data analysis workshops that may consist of:

  • workshops with stakeholders
  • identification and assessment of the data the company possesses
  • identification of simple use cases that build the core of the AI product
  • identification of ML techniques

The outcome of the workshops can be:

  • A report on your data in terms of usability for AI
  • AI implementation roadmap
  • A list of the most promising use cases to be turned into bigger internal projects

This way, you’ll be positioned to implement the solution best suited for your needs and place you ahead of the competition without challenging your expense budget.