Your partner in challenging projects

Your partner\n in challenging\n projects

At Sparkbit, we leverage our solid engineering background and conceptual work capabilities rooted in academia to partner with innovative companies and develop advanced data-processing systems.

What we do


Machine Learning

The full ML project life-cycle, from dataset building to model architecture definition and training to deployment (both in the cloud and on edge). Techniques from areas such as CV and NLP and their applications to various business problems.

Architecture & Backend

Systems for data analysis and processing, including high-frequency data, time-series or IoT data. Focusing on reliability and scalability of solutions while maintaining low operating costs.

R&D Prototypes

Unique problems requiring the development of new techniques or algorithms and excellent programming skills. Some of these problems will prove unsolvable, others will lead to the best innovations.

Facing other challenges?

There's a technical challenge in a different area you can't quite label? Contact us and work it out together.

What makes us different

Our approach

We know how to adapt scientific knowledge and academic concepts to business problem-solving on a project level by conducting extensive research and prior-art analysis.

We bring an engineering point of view to the project from day one by implementing CI/CD pipelines, setting up environments and automation, providing data exploration, visualizations, and tracking all the essential metrics.

The team

We have an experienced team of developers with PhDs and Masters in Mathematics and Computer Science.

We possess a solid mindset shaped by algorithmic and mathematical education based on the renowned Polish scientific school.

Our clients about us