Your first day at Sparkbit

Anna Brumer 02.08.2019

Sparkbit was established 5 years ago and thereafter is constantly expanding. We carry out more and more recruitments, and our team is continuously growing. That’s the main reason why we started to look for new ways to speed up the whole process of the new employees introduction to the company and their new duties. Due to the constant need for new specialists, we did not want to waste such precious time unnecessarily so we started to work on our onboarding process. We hoped that it would make life (and work) easier for all of us. We have an independent employee and you feel great in a new environment. Everyone wins!

What exactly “onboarding” means?

If we check it in the Cambridge Dictionary, we will find out that “onboarding” is simply “the process in which new employees gain the knowledge and skills they need
to become effective members of an organization”.
This term has recently become very popular because of the development and growing popularity of Employer Branding. We also wanted to explore this subject and develop our own onboarding process.

We believe that onboarding is one of the most valuable processes and starts during the recruitment stage by submitting an offer. The first day in a new job is, in fact, one of its last stages. And at this last stage we want to focus today. The end of theory – let’s get to the details!

What will happen to you on your first day at Sparkbit? 


It’s not a secret that most of us cannot imagine a morning day without a cup of coffee and that’s how your first day at Sparkbit will begin. You will be also invited for a common breakfast with the whole team which is our brand new tradition. There are delicious fresh-made sandwiches waiting for us in the kitchen every morning. On Fridays, to sweeten the last working day of the week, we have sweet croissants. Weren’t you able to meet everyone? It’s not a big deal because we will arrange a short “tour” for you around our two offices and present you to each person later on. You can also be sure that you will meet Cini, our dev dog.


It’s high time to start the official part. That’s one of the most important moments of your onboarding process. Our office manager will provide you with all the necessary information about our company. You will learn about the Sparkbit history, rules as well as some curiosities. You will find out your benefits. And no – you don’t have to wait for them – you can make use of them from the very beginning. We do our best to make rules transparent and clear. But don’t worry, you don’t have to learn everything by heart. Our office rules are available online so each employee can have an  easy access to it. Don’t be afraid, we’ve got our checklist to be sure that we tell you about everything!

It’s also worthy to indicate that we’re working on our own onboarding handbook right now. It will contain all our rules in an attractive layout and userfriendly form.


Now it’s time to show you your desk. Be sure that the whole equipment will be waiting for you. We will set up your mailbox together and give you access to all the necessary programs. We will present to you all the apps we’re using on the every day basis. You will find out what Timepot, Turtle and Kudos are. There will be also a little gift waiting for you at your desk – our T-shirt so you can feel like a full member of our Sparkbit family. 


Now, you will meet your project team and take part in the daily standup. Your team will assign you the first task (first day commit). What’s more, your team leader will present you the project vision and tell you about the current stage of work. We believe that there’s nothing more irritating than boredom and lack of work, so there is nothing to wait for and it’s time to get to work.

Your move!

We do our best to carry out the whole onboarding process as smooth as possible. But it will be impossible without a little effort from your side. 

How can you help us?


Don’t worry to ask questions. As we all know – “who asks, doesn’t wander”. We guarantee that everyone will be ready to help you.


…. and for sure you will quickly find out how great team we are 🙂 To help you a little bit, we will add you to all the private Slack channels. After all, nothing integrates the team better than common boarding evening or a beer on our huge terrace.


Your opinion matters to us! So if you are not satisfied with something, then please let us know it. Also after the entire onboarding process, we would also like to have your feedback on it.


Onboarding is associated with something nice and exciting. Our team is growing! But unfortunately sometimes we need to say goodbye to one of the team members. We strongly believe that it’s extremely important to part with each other in a nice way. That’s why we make every effort to ensure that the outboarding process takes place in a friendly atmosphere regardless of the reasons why our paths diverge. How does our outboarding process look like? First of all, it’s a conversation about the reasons you’re leaving the company. It is really important for both sides to have a full view of the situation. We learn from mistakes and that’s a great opportunity to collect new valuable experiences.

And the last day of work? A gift from the company and a beer with colleagues. We also don’t be offended if you bring us something sweet.

Each employee is a new experience. By collecting them all, we try to create the most effective system for the new employees introduction into the company. An employee who quickly felt confident and comfortable in a new job is definitely more effective in the first days and weeks of work. We want our new colleagues to come back home on the first day feeling that starting our cooperation was a good decision.

Each company has its own style of onboarding. Due to the specificity of the industry, we focused on the transparency of provided information and interpersonal relations.

We hope that soon we will welcome you at Sparkbit!