Investment Fund Management

  • project: Investment Fund Management
  • client: Not disclosed
  • year: 2018
  • website:

Web platform


Our client needed a platform for management of a next generation investment fund. The fund is denominated in tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, invests into other cryptocurrencies and was distributed through an ICO. The system should allow for configuration of the investment strategy, withdrawal of the funds to user’s blockchain wallet and displaying the current fund structure and user’s share value.

tools used:

Java 8
Spring Boot
Blockchain (Etherum)
The system had to fulfil security-related regulations, thus the identity of the user had to be verified and the ownership of a blockchain wallet had to be confirmed.


Sparkbit was hired to design the architecture and implement the entire system.

We have delivered a web-based platform that is integrated with the blockchain, external APIs with financial data and internal systems of the client.

We have also helped the client to identify and resolve some security issues in their initial requirements.

configuration of the investment strategy
withdrawal of the funds to the user's blockchain wallet
displaying the current fund structure and user's share value


After a successful delivery of the first stage of the project at the end of 2017, we are now working on next phases.