Application to track and analyze time, tasks and profits.

Web application


Timepot MVP released in January 2017, covered basic functionalities of the application – time tracking and reporting.

Having MVP already published we focused on building an advanced financial module that compares various projects’ profits. Its algorithm calculates monthly income and expenses of projects run in different paying models, several currencies with mixed employee’s wages.

tools used:

Java 8
Angular 4
Timepot sought to build an ergonomic time tracker that offers extensive reporting and profit calculating features.


The system’s backend in written in Java 8, Spring while frontend in Angular 4 and TypeScript. Timepot offers different access levels attached to specific functionalities of the system.

Its reporting module includes an advanced search engine.

Users are able to filter data by projects, tasks, keywords and users. The data is displayed on clickable charts and table and can be exported to CSV and PDF files.



We delivered a beautifully designed and intuitive tool with powerful functionalities that gives the clients insights into their businesses.

Timepot in numbers:

  • 100.000+ hours logged
  • 5.400+ projects created in Timepot
  • 48.000+ tasks were time tracked
  • 5.200+ multiple currency projects
  • 2.600+ days off added