Sparkbit Fellowship

Get to know our original program dedicated for exceptional junior candidates we hire!

Sparkbit Fellowship is our internal initiative for the professional development of talented but less-experienced newcomers

Within this mentor-apprentice program, you'll complete a path that will prepare you to take the position of a regular developer in an experienced and friendly environment.


If you feel that the following characteristics describe you, send us your appication!

You're well-educated

You're an undergraduate in Computer Science or Mathematics from any of the top technical universities (e.g. UW, PWr, AGH, UWr)

You've got the knowledge beyond what's in books

You've got a theoretical base - understand how the software works and can come up with clever solutions.

You possess the right mindset

You're organized and got an eye for detail.

There's a serious talent

Despite the lack of expertise, you've got the intuition to write simple programs clearly.

Soft skills are your strong suit

You can communicate with cohesion and clarity, both in Polish and English.


Over the course of the Sparkbit Fellowship, you will:


Learn best software development practices from experienced seniors


Acquire complete full-stack kit including backend & frontend development, building databases and building and running CI/CD pipelines


Get hands-on experience in teamwork & customer exposure


Become a self-sufficient developer with in-project responsibilities


Get salary raises after completing certain stages of the program

Sparkbit Fellowship Program Timeline

3 months
Warmup project

You'll be assigned to a mentor and build a full-stack application as a sandbox project under the mentor's supervision. The goal here is to acquire basic technology skills and learn best practices in a fail-safe environment.

Starter tasks

You'll be assigned to a project and complete a series of introductory tasks. You'll grasp the project and gain more exposure working with a mentor and project PM.

1-3 months
2-4 months

You'll build two fairly comprehensive features requested by the client. The guidance here will be minimal, so you get more freedom and a higher sense of responsibility.


You’re ready to be independent, so we promote you to a regular developer - a position that comes with a raise, and more paths to gather professional experience.

Our graduates say

Finishing Sparkbit Fellowship allowed me to quickly and seamlessly prepare to work in a commercial project environment. I built a strong relationship with my mentor, and the time he spent showing me how to be a well-performing developer was the program's most significant benefit.
Dawid Ignasiak
Software Developer at Sparkbit
Sparkbit Fellowship taught me the workflows and helped me ease into the company. I learned skills and good habits that are never taught at university and are usually underemphasized in online courses and bootcamps. You learn all this by building, which to me is one of the greatest joys of programming :)
Paweł Biłko
Software Developer at Sparkbit

Sparkbit Fellowship recruitment process is active!

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