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Introduction to Unit Testing Angular 2 Components

We have already mentioned that writing automated tests for your application is important. And it doesn’t seem to be an extravagant stance on the subject as the Internet is full of similar statements. In this article, we start our adventure with unit testing Angular 2 Components. Unit tests (A.K.A. component tests – don’t confuse with […]


Angular 2 Route Guards used in authorization: real life example

During the later stages of Angular 2 development, the Beta and RC phases, one of the most dynamically changing module was the router. Since it seems that one very interesting feature – the Route Guards – has reached its final version, we’d like to write about it. In this post you’ll see the changes it went through […]


Structure of an Enterprise System in Angular 2

When building a large-scale application, one has to carefully design the code structure in the project. A poor structure can lead to maintainability issues and decrease the productivity of the development team. When the system grows, it will be hard to navigate through the structure and locate the class implementing a piece of functionality. In […]


Building Complex Business Logic With Angular 2 Services

Angular 2 services

In a traditional, multi-layered architecture, front-end side of the application occupies two of them: presentation and a part of business logic layer. Components, which are the primary construction blocks in Angular 2, make up the presentation tier, while services pertain to the business-logic one. In this article we dive deep into the world of Angular […]


Data Flow in Angular 2 Applications

data flow in angular 2

In this post we continue our study on how to build maintainable systems in Angular 2. We have already discussed the importance of proper code structure and good practices for dividing an application into components. However, a system is not just a static source code. Lots of the complexity comes from its runtime behavior, i.e. […]


End-to-end testing Angular 2 applications with Protractor

end-to-end testing

Testing is indispensable in writing large-scale, complex applications. It may sound like a cliché but we believe it is worth emphasizing. This is so because as deadlines loom, it is tempting to postpone or completely abandon writing tests. And as the pile of to-do test suites gets larger and larger, it becomes even harder to […]