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Accessible HTML in Angular2 applications (and not only)

The reason to make an application accessible is to warranty that the web is an inclusive place available for every user. Accessibility is for everyone Yes, accessibility is for everyone. Let’s see some examples why: A power user navigating with the keyboard through an application will make use of focusable and tab reachable elements. A […]


Grid-based layout development IV: Performance

CSS and performance? In this last article of the series we will focus on how all our different options to implement a basic layout influence the performance of our site. If you take the average application and compare the weight of your CSS files with the weight of the JS ones, specially when dealing with […]


Grid-based layout development III: CSS Grid Layout Module

After discussing what is a grid outside the internet world, we learned how Bootstrap grid works and used different approaches to implement a basic design with it. In this third article of the series, we are going to discuss the future of the grids: the currently Candidate Recommendation CSS Grid Layout Module. CSS Grid Layout Once […]


Grid-based layout development II: Bootstrap and beyond

In the previous post, we discussed what a grid is and got to know the basics of one of the most used tools to implement a grid-based layout: Bootstrap. Now is time to check how we can put Bootstrap into use. For this, we will implement a very basic design using different approaches, all of […]


Grid-based layout development I: Grids and Bootstrap

grid based layout development

This is the first article of a series about grid-based layout development. In this very first part of the series we will start by discussing what grids are, the benefits of grid-based development and last but not least, the most popular resource for building a layout based on a grid: Bootstrap. What is a grid […]

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