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Why road safety should be based on numbers?

A key element in improving road safety is changing the driver’s behavior. How to do it effectively? With the power of numbers and an advanced analytical system like SparkT platform created by Sparkbit.  According to the WHO reports UAE used to be one of the most dangerous places for motorists in the world. In 2013 […]


Insurtech – what you need to know about this emerging market

Creating technologies perfectly tailored for specific industries is becoming more and more popular in the era of broadly-defined computerised society. Every market requires specific tools and means, such as dedicated IT systems, to acquire new customers and maintain profitability. Modern tools adapted to the needs of the financial industry (fintech) or technologies created for the […]


What Is Telematics and What Are Its Potential Applications?

Telematics is becoming an increasingly popular subject and has been widely discussed on technology-related websites. Although the term itself appears to be generally known, in fact there are not many comprehensive explanations of this issue. Therefore, we should properly organize the knowledge about this field and dispel certain myths. What telematics actually is? What are […]