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The vision for Sparkbit was clear from the very beginning. We gather talented software developers to be able to deliver solutions that only a handful of companies can do. All that, while keeping a friendly atmosphere and respecting work-life balance.


We work on ambitious projects that require knowledge, creativity, and curiosity

To be a good fit for our team, you should have technical expertise in a particular field, a solid academic background and a willingness to learn and discover new things. Communication skills matter as well, as we work in teams and talk to clients daily.

We were building a prototype app, and one of the requirements was for it to handle 100 000 users in the first weekend. We based the backend on Spring and MySQL, and had to optimize MySQL to reach the capacity. We conducted extensive load tests and finally got the desired performance. Then we started migrating to a more suitable DB - Cassandra.
Wojtek Łowiec
Tech Lead at Sparkbit
We're building a military-grade communication system used during maritime minehunting missions. The system uses various complex records containing the location and specific technical information of processed military objects. The challenge here is to reflect them in the DB/code. At the same time, we must stick to proprietary data formats to exchange data between different systems the client uses.
Kacper Gąsior
Software Developer at Sparkbit
We have an interesting case - the app we're building from scratch has a map panel that users can add elements to, manage them and modify. The catch is that it's a mission-critical system that can be used on many devices simultaneously, so all instances must be synchronized at all times.
Bartek Różański
Software Developer at Sparkbit

We respect each other time, skills and well-being

In daily work, trust and goodwill are presumed. There is no overcontrolling or micromanagement, we keep processes as simple as possible to keep the business rolling. Work time and place are flexible - as long as you are there when your team needs you and you deliver good quality, you can choose your set-up. If a private life interferes with work from time to time, there is no need to stress - we are all human.

When I manage a project for a client, I’m free to do it as I see fit, as long as he is satisfied. On the other hand, if I have a problem I cannot solve myself, I can always count on the company’s support. In Sparkbit, I’m asked to do my job and not told how to do it.
Michał Ratyński
Project Manager at Sparkbit
I've had some serious family problems, and I knew I'd have to work odd hours, possibly make longer breaks and do some weekends to catch up. I told Michał about everything - I was understood and got the support I needed.
Łukasz Pejas
Software Developer at Sparkbit
The organization is small, so there's no need for a whole committee to make a decision. I can focus on my job instead of corporate drama. Let's call it a place to get things done - I work remotely but got all the trust I need, and there's no progress check every half an hour. I feel satisfied with what I do.
Robert Wysocki
Senior Software Developer at Sparkbit

Continuous improvement of technical skills, communication and teamwork are the roots of the culture we want to foster

Self-development is important in Sparkbit. There are ML seminars held at an academic level, along with frontend and project management sessions. Everyone is more than welcome to join and contribute. Less experienced developers join the Sparkbit Fellowship - our proprietary initiative that supports the seamless transition to a regular developer by following a defined path under the mentor's guidance.

Sparkbit Fellowship taught me the workflows and helped me ease into the company. I learned skills and good habits that are never taught at university and are usually underemphasized in online courses and bootcamps. You learn all this by building, which to me is one of the greatest joys of programming :)
Paweł Biłko
Software Developer at Sparkbit
For the ML Seminar, every participant had to prepare a presentation covering a technique or an approach based on scientific papers, not articles or popular science stories. I found it valuable, as it allows you to read and synthesize knowledge from non-biased sources, close to the actual author, and therefore associate with absolute novelties.
Mikołaj Czapp
Software Developer at Sparkbit

Check the About Us page to learn more:

About Us

About Us

From the very beginning, the vision for Sparkbit was clear. We wanted to gather top talent and deliver solutions only a handful of companies could do. All that while keeping a friendly atmosphere and respecting work-life balance.

We work on ambitious projects that require knowledge, creativity, and curiosity. We're looking for people who feel confident about their technical expertise and soft skills.


We care about partnerships deeply. We don't work for clients, but with them, and the same principle applies to our team. There are no team augmentations - only full product teams. You can be sure you won't be leased, even if there's a bench.


The team is the heart and brain of Sparkbit. We work together, have fun together and grow together. Our internal initiatives such as ML Seminar, where we discuss state-of-the-art ML model and scientific papers in academic manner, are our means towards excellence.

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Flexible work system

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Open positions

QA Lead

city: Warsaw / remote

15 120 - 20 160 PLN + VAT on B2B

Senior Project Manager

city: Warsaw / remote

13 440 - 20 160 + VAT on B2B

Junior Fullstack Developer - Sparkbit Fellowship

city: Warsaw / remote

6 720 - 12 600

Our Recruitment Process

Depending on the position the process length may vary, but If you're a good fit and respond quickly, it should be completed within a week.


Send us your CV so we can know more about you. We'll focus on your education and experience. Graduating from a top technical university is highly recognized.

Test assignment

We’ll send you a task to check base skills such as choosing the proper data structure or the ability to estimate computational complexity. It should take about an hour to complete.

Technical interview

We'll schedule a video call to test your theoretical knowledge and problem-solving skills. There will also be a short live coding session.


We'll come back with feedback and propose an offer or let you know where to improve so you can increase your chances in the future.

Base Tech Stack

Due to the character of our projects, we always choose a dedicated stack going way beyond what you see below, but that's where everything starts.

Sparkbit Fellowship

If you’re an exceptionally talented but not yet experienced developer, we’ve got a dedicated program to help you seamlessly transition to a regular developer after you’re hired. Be sure to check it out!

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What type of employment do you offer?

We usually work on B2B contracts but other solutions are possible as well.

What does the onboarding process look like?

We run a swift full-day onboarding, preferably in the office. First, we’ll tell you about the company and show you how we work. Then you’ll be introduced to your team and the project you’re assigned to. You’re good and ready to do your first commit!

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