How to improve road safety with the power of AI and Telematics? Case of Dubai.

IoT & Telematics

According to data provided by the Dubai Police, the city’s 2018 road toll was a fraction of global averages, with 3.38 people per 100,000 road users losing their lives on Dubai’s roads. This is a huge improvement when compared with the data from 2016 (a decline of 25%). This positive change is mostly driven by the Dubai traffic safety strategy which establishes a challenging record of reducing fatalities to 1.5 for every 100,000 of the population in Dubai by 2021.

The strategy is based on four agendas: inspecting vehicles for traffic safety regulations and for criminal safety procedures, inspecting motorists' records, promoting traffic awareness, and improving motorists' driving habits. The last element is the most important in this context as it has a lot of room for improvement.

According to Dubai Police statistics among the main origins of the fatal accidents is still reckless driver behavior: sudden change of lanes (20%), driving without keeping a safe distance (19%), not following the lane (6%), jumping the traffic signal (5%). Unfortunately, all these road events are very difficult to prevent, detect and eliminate using traditional methods.  

Fortunately, there are solutions on the market that, thanks to the combination of various types of technology - including telematics and artificial intelligence - are able to detect dangerous events and contribute to their minimization. One of these solutions is the AI-based driver behavior analysis system made by Sparkbit. Our research lab employed artificial intelligence techniques to offer behavior analysis with real-time contextual data, based on advanced image analysis.

With the use of a camera and advanced machine learning techniques system is able to automatically detect and analyze the following events:
- crossing at a red light,
- aggressive, dangerous or illegal overtaking,
- keeping a safe distance between vehicles,
- excessive hopping between lanes.

The most advanced driving style analysis on the market allows to truly capture the real situation on the road and gives drivers the most precise insight into their behavior. Thanks to such advanced analysis, it will be possible to almost fully eliminate accidents on Dubai roads and achieve Dubai traffic safety strategy goals.