Communication at work – how we do it at Sparkbit!

Some time ago, we took part in a large IT conference. Thousands of participants and plenty of technical lectures. You have no idea what a surprise it was for us when it turned out that the most popular lecture was the one about … communication! It seems that even the organizers were surprised and did […]


Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

There are many reasons to boost a website’s site engine rankings. To name a few: to gain a broader audience, build brand awareness and cultivate customer trust. A vague undertaking The main problem while working on the broadly defined SEO is its ambiguous nature – it is never completely clear how a specific adjustment will […]


Applying to Sparkbit? Check out our recruitment process!

The whole process of looking for a new job is not easy, especially if you do not know what to expect after submitting an application to a given company. We want to simplify it as much as possible and that’s why we have prepared this guide on how our recruitment process looks like – step by […]


Your first day at Sparkbit

Sparkbit was established 5 years ago and thereafter is constantly expanding. We carry out more and more recruitments, and our team is continuously growing. That’s the main reason why we started to look for new ways to speed up the whole process of the new employees introduction to the company and their new duties. Due […]


Why road safety should be based on numbers?

A key element in improving road safety is changing the driver’s behavior. How to do it effectively? With the power of numbers and an advanced analytical system like SparkT platform created by Sparkbit.  According to the WHO reports UAE used to be one of the most dangerous places for motorists in the world. In 2013 […]