Visual Telematics

Sparkbit’s research lab is working on a new concept of visual telematics. In the next posts I’d like to share with you what does this concept mean, what are the business benefits and, of course, what we’ve achieved so far. What is Visual Telematics? Traditionally, driver behaviour analysis based on telematics was focused around the […]


Sparkbit named one of the Poland’s Top Software Developers by Clutch.co

We know that the thought of building customized solutions can be overwhelming, especially to those without coding experience. However, there are many benefits to choosing custom software development over out-of-the-box solutions. Customized solutions are more personalized, cost-effective, secure, and flexible. Most importantly, they’re designed to be compatible with the other tools a business uses.  At […]


See how we work at Sparkbit!

Are you considering the job change but you are not sure whether a software house is a right place for you? If you don’t like the monotony and working on one project is for you boring, that means you’re on the right track! In our software house, if you only want to, you would be […]


Communication at work – how we do it at Sparkbit!

Some time ago, we took part in a large IT conference. Thousands of participants and plenty of technical lectures. You have no idea what a surprise it was for us when it turned out that the most popular lecture was the one about … communication! It seems that even the organizers were surprised and did […]


Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

There are many reasons to boost a website’s site engine rankings. To name a few: to gain a broader audience, build brand awareness and cultivate customer trust. A vague undertaking The main problem while working on the broadly defined SEO is its ambiguous nature – it is never completely clear how a specific adjustment will […]