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Karolina 16.04.2018

How telematics can save your life?


After four years of preparation the law comes into force. From April, the European eCall system will be mandatory in all new models of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in the EU. The eCall system detects the deployment of the airbag and recovers all information from the impact sensors. It automatically alerts rescue workers […]

Karolina 12.02.2018

Meet Toucan – Sparkbit’s new recruitment app!


We are happy to say that few days ago we released our new recruitment app – Toucan. Toucan is a comprehensive and user-friendly tool which: Helps effectively conduct an interview Tracks data of candidates and campaigns Analyzes collected data and compares candidates What is most important with Toucan traditional paperflow is entirely eliminated – sensitive […]

Karolina 06.02.2018

Sparkbit Among Top 10 Java Developers According to


We are proud to say that Sparkbit has been named as one of the top 10 Java development companies according to is an independent platform of in-depth clients reviews and data driven content. That’s why we are particularly happy to be among Clutch Leaders. This proves that our work is valued both by […]

Luis Belmonte Diaz 13.12.2017

Accessible HTML in Angular2 applications (and not only)


The reason to make an application accessible is to warranty that the web is an inclusive place available for every user. Accessibility is for everyone Yes, accessibility is for everyone. Let’s see some examples why: A power user navigating with the keyboard through an application will make use of focusable and tab reachable elements. A […]

Paweł Kozioł 01.02.2017

Business processes – to code, or not to code, that is the question


Business processes are all around us. Pizza delivery, orders shipment and invoice acceptance are just a few examples. We need to implement these processes in software delivered to our customers. Processes have their participants, who complete process tasks. Process steps result in actions like data row updates in databases, parcels being moved around warehouses, documents […]

Tomek Kopczyński 30.01.2017

Using Spring REST Docs for testing and documenting APIs


Have you ever seen an API documentation that’s completely out of date? Or the one that seems to be updated but examples somehow don’t work? Or the one that’s automatically generated but you can’t find anything useful in the overflow of available methods? It definitely sounds familiar to me. Fortunately, there’s a tool which helps […]

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