How does the Internet track us.


Many people seem to believe that you can be completely anonymous on the Internet. In the 1990s, this statement could have been true – today, it certainly is not. A once extremely popular drawing by Peter Steiner reflects the mood prevailing on the Internet – the sense of anonymity, the possibility of hiding your online […]


Sparkbit Named In Shortlist of Polish Outsourcing


Instead of providing typical software development solutions for clients, Sparkbit consistently strives to ensure that our services and products are tailor-made to help each and every one of clients reach their goals. The customized software that Sparkbit generates allows our partners to better their businesses, and so with our approach of building bespoke, we are […]


Big data development driven by your smartphone


Big data – the term seems to be very ambiguous for some, while others cannot imagine development and functioning of the modern world without it. Big data helps to win election, drives the economy, is used in medicine, sports, insurance, e-commerce, industry, marketing and many more. The potential of using big data is huge and […]


Artificial Intelligence in Business


Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most frequently mentioned technological trends that are to revolutionize modern business. Gartner mentions AI in the absolute forefront of global directions in technological development. According to analysts from the American institute until 2020, AI elements will be found in almost every new software, and 85% of interaction between […]


Blockchain – how it changes the modern economy?


Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have gained tremendous market value and have been used by hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of people all around the world. Even if many people question their perspectives today, practically no one doubts the value of the technology, on the basis of which all cryptocurrencies operate. It is, of course, […]