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Business processes – to code, or not to code, that is the question

Business processes are all around us. Pizza delivery, orders shipment and invoice acceptance are just a few examples. We need to implement these processes in software delivered to our customers. Processes have their participants, who complete process tasks. Process steps result in actions like data row updates in databases, parcels being moved around warehouses, documents […]


Dependency Injection in Angular 2

Dependency Injection Angular

Dependency Injection is a well known design pattern and is one of the noteworthy features of the Angular framework. It helps engineers reuse, maintain, and test the code. It has become so popular, that it is hard to imagine a programming framework without this feature. Dependency Injection is closely related to the Inversion of Control […]


Generalizing Components in Angular

angular generalizing components

Components in Angular 2 allow to design maintainable applications where business logic is encapsulated and reusable. However sometimes we would like to have even more reusability. We would like to use components as templates with some other component inside. In object oriented programming we can use inheritance to express some common functionality in base classes and […]


Continuous Inspection in a full stack project with SonarQube

I want to share with you Sparkbit’s approach to software quality assurance and our first experiences with the SonarQube tool. I am an enthusiast of software measurement and code quality. I will introduce you to one of our projects and describe, why we think we will benefit from using Continuous Inspection in our daily work. […]

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