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Type safe JSON parsing

Introduction Problems with JSON payloads A common problem when developing applications talking to external services are payloads that do not stick to the contract. When we build a typescript application consuming JSON endpoints the easiest thing to do (shown in most tutorials) is casting the payload to the expected type. This can however lead to […]


Typescript decorators

Decorators are a proposed standard in ECMAScript2016. In Typescript we can enable them by setting the “experimentalDecorators” compiler flag. Decorators are a mechanism for modifying classes in a declarative fashion. If you come from a Java background they might look to you just like java annotations. They can be used for all the purposes runtime […]


Local CSS in Angular 2

Local CSS

Because of the CSS agressively global nature every CSS rule you write can potentially target unintended elements or overwrite other rules defined before it. The problems created by the lack of scoping support in the language become more painful as the project and the team size grows. With a large code base with thousands of […]

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