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Data Flow in Angular 2 Applications

data flow in angular 2

In this post we continue our study on how to build maintainable systems in Angular 2. We have already discussed the importance of proper code structure and good practices for dividing an application into components. However, a system is not just a static source code. Lots of the complexity comes from its runtime behavior, i.e. […]


Architectural View on Angular 2

angular 2 architectural view

At Sparkbit, we have been working with Angular 2 framework since an early alpha version. We started building an enterprise system in Angular 2 back in November 2015. Since that time, the framework has been further improved for developer productivity, small payload size, and performance. Now, as Angular 2 has reached a final release version and our […]


Component-based Architecture in Angular 2

Angular 2 components

One of the main architectural principles in Angular 2 is that an application should be composed of well encapsulated, loosely coupled components. This principle is obvious in the backend world, but it is not yet well established in the frontend development. In this article, we discuss the advantages of this approach, show how easy it […]