October 2016


Local CSS in Angular 2

Local CSS

Because of the CSS agressively global nature every CSS rule you write can potentially target unintended elements or overwrite other rules defined before it. The problems created by the lack of scoping support in the language become more painful as the project and the team size grows. With a large code base with thousands of […]


Data Flow in Angular 2 Applications

data flow in angular 2

In this post we continue our study on how to build maintainable systems in Angular 2. We have already discussed the importance of proper code structure and good practices for dividing an application into components. However, a system is not just a static source code. Lots of the complexity comes from its runtime behavior, i.e. […]


End-to-end testing Angular 2 applications with Protractor

end-to-end testing

Testing is indispensable in writing large-scale, complex applications. It may sound like a cliché but we believe it is worth emphasizing. This is so because as deadlines loom, it is tempting to postpone or completely abandon writing tests. And as the pile of to-do test suites gets larger and larger, it becomes even harder to […]


Dependency Injection in Angular 2

Dependency Injection Angular

Dependency Injection is a well known design pattern and is one of the noteworthy features of the Angular framework. It helps engineers reuse, maintain, and test the code. It has become so popular, that it is hard to imagine a programming framework without this feature. Dependency Injection is closely related to the Inversion of Control […]


Static typing in Angular 2

static typing

Angular 2 applications can be written both in Typescript and in plain old Javascript. This means we have an important choice to make: whether to go with static typing or choose the dynamically-typed path. At Sparkbit, we chose static typing and in this article we explain what it is and what the benefits of such […]


Grid-based layout development III: CSS Grid Layout Module

Grid Layout

After discussing what is a grid outside the internet world, we learned how Bootstrap grid works and used different approaches to implement a basic design with it. In this third article of the series, we are going to discuss the future of the grids: the currently Candidate Recommendation CSS Grid Layout Module. CSS Grid Layout Once […]