June 2016


Continuous Inspection in a full stack project with SonarQube


I want to share with you Sparkbit’s approach to software quality assurance and our first experiences with the SonarQube tool. I am an enthusiast of software measurement and code quality. I will introduce you to one of our projects and describe, why we think we will benefit from using Continuous Inspection in our daily work. […]


Building multi module projects with Gulp


In this article, we’ll discuss the configuration of the Gulp building system. The article will be based on a real project we developed on Sparkbit. The main reason for writing this article is our frustration. Not a joke, honestly. As our projects get bigger, our building process gets more and more complicated. And when we […]


Continuous Delivery. Practical guide for developers.

continuous delivery

Introduction What is the most stressful part of writing and shipping software? Most of us would probably say: deployments. In the old days when agile was not yet a buzzword used more and more frequently in IT world, each deployment was preceded by weeks or even months of analyzing, development and tests. On the Deployment […]